The unprecedented growth of the platform has turned the heads of other social platforms. They were lead to the situation to look out for measures from losing their users to TikTok. But, nothing could stop TikTok’s increasing user base. TikTok is the video-centric platform, used by the vast audiences for several reasons. In the beginning, it has been used as the entertainment platform due to high audience engagement, now streaming with business marketing activities. The businesses are interested in doing their marketing on TikTok to meet their target audience closer. The highly contented TikTok videos can develop a conversation with the customers.  

With Videos going to take center stage as the primary medium for marketers in the coming years, brands should focus on creating enticing videos that reflect the brand voice. Come up with videos that are both enticing and informative that should convince the viewer to check out your product. As TikTok is becoming more video-centric, brands should adapt to the trend and make engaging videos to increase their followers. As Millennials and Generation Z prefer videos over text, brands should focus on creating compelling videos. 

People who surf through TikTok regularly do not prefer videos that extend more than a minute. Brands should try to convey their message within a minute. Post the video to your TikTok page and add your website URL. Thus, if your post reaches potential customers, they will end up landing on your page, which eventually increases traffic to your website. 

It is expected that 85% of online content will be in video forms. Thus, video consumption will continue to uphill in the coming years; the brands should adapt to the evolving changes and derive strategy accordingly that could maximize their conversion rates. Buy tiktok likes for your videos to amplify the brand followers quickly.

TikTok Live Videos And Conversational Marketing

TikTok Live videos are considered to be a useful tool for video marketing. As live videos have become an integral part of all the major social platforms, brands are making use of it as the tool to gain the credibility of its audience quickly. TikTok, the social platform with the most massive userbase, is prompting its users to use live. As soon as you go live, everyone who has liked your page will receive a notification. Thus, unlike other options, TikTok itself helps you to drive users easily to your live session. Brands have also begun to use live videos as it transfers the real-time happening to the viewers. Moreover, reports suggest that live videos garner 3x more interaction than normal videos making marketers rely on this feature to strengthen their bond with their customers.

In this new age, digital marketing, conversational marketing is gaining more importance like never before. The technological advancement has availed brands to predict the interests of their target audience at ease. Conversational marketing is again taking a turn towards its base to its older form in which the marketer approaches the prospect directly and convince him to buy a product. Now, after all these years of advancement in technology, brands re-visit their traditional approach of interacting with their prospects directly. 

Brands say that conversational marketing has made to grasp the mindset of their target audience quickly. This helps them much in deriving a more effective strategy to drive people. Moreover, brands are looking to develop a personal bond with their customers, which they feel will benefit them in the long run.


More than 80% of the companies having their presence on the social platform are expected to have chatbots this year. Though chatbots are used only for the first conversation by brands now, the advancements in these chatbots can help to make more productive conversations. Chatbots have turned into a primary requirement for brands as customers need their queries to be sorted out instantaneously. Brands don’t want to make their customers wait for even a few minutes for replies as they feel this could result in losing their customers. As customers are also looking for instant answers, chatbots have become much more crucial. 

Hashtag Challenge

A video that contains interesting concepts will hit a higher response from the audience. The contest and giveaways will help to generate a conversation among the audience and increase the conversation rate. The hashtag challenge is another conversation medium were posting the challenge video will induce the audience to post their user-generated video using the brand hashtag, increasing the traffic for the brand name, and magnifying the followers.