Spotify has redesigned its user interface with some fantastic features. Some keywords will come to your mind when you hear the word music. Let me guess those words. Song, artists, playlist, queue, recently played.

I hope I had listed almost every keyword. But there may be some missing keywords.if you have so many songs, the numbers of songs may irritate you. It will be helpful when you have an organized list. 

So you can choose your favorite songs without any tension.This process is also called categorization, which will group anything as per some conditions. You can also create some playlists as per your convenience. 

As per the feedback from users, organizations will improve themselves. So every organization’s goal is to attain the number of customers. So you can get more customers only when you know what they need and what they like. Artists can buy promotions on Drizzyapp to make your song famous.

The New Music Section For Less Tension

Let’s speak about Spotify’s user interface redesign. They had introduced a piece of new music. So you can easily filter songs. On Spotify, you had the sections of a song. But now have a new playlist called LIKED SONGS which will store the liked songs as a part of your library.

Are you still confused? To save a song, you need to click on the heart symbol. And you can also keep an album by clicking the three dots on the cornet and select like all songs doesn’t it made more manageable?

The New Podcasts Section For Easy Filtering

Podcasts are the digital medium which consists of pdf, series of audiotrack, ePub. So online music streamers will focus more on podcasts. So you will have an album of songs, and also single podcasts are related to some terms. Episodes, downloads, shows.

Let’s look upon user interface, on podcast section you can see some tabs with the names of episodes, downloads, shows.

Episodes – Episodes tab will contain recently released podcast episodes, events which you haven’t enjoyed yet. This tab will be useful when you don’t want your favorite artist’s song. Episodes will contain series of episodes both fresh and old podcast. You can easily navigate for your dream world.

Downloads – Downloads tab contains your downloaded podcasts. And other details like date, time, artist, the name of the podcast. It works as a container. 

Shows The shows tab will be used to manage podcasts. So you can browse past episodes instead of seeing only recent ones. It also shows current events as per your history.

Data Friendly Lite App For The World

Spotify proves they work for a better experience of music lovers! Spotify had launched its 

Lite version for older devices, the area with poor network connections. It seems so user-friendly, right? Spotify has launched this lite version in 36 countries with app size of 15MB. And they managed to retain the quality of the previously built app.


Here I found that Spotify had done in-depth analysis on what user needs. So your expectations will come true one day. Just turn the music on Spotify and be relaxed. The changes made to their user interface will surprise you. Buy monthly listeners to rule the music world. Buy monthly listeners to rule the music world.