Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri’s recent statement to hide likes on posts for the Instagram users in the USA on a trial basis has garnered the eyeballs of many in the social media world. Though, Instagram has kick-started the testing earlier in many countries including Brazil, Canada, Italy, Ireland it has gained much attention once he expressed it to extend the USA. Right now, we’re testing making like counts private, so you’ll be able to see how many people liked a given photo of yours or a video of yours, but no one else will,” Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram announced on November 8, 2019.

‘The idea is to depressurize Instagram and make it less of a competition,’ he noted. Though the statement has quizzed many, the latter statement has thrown some insights on their move that Instagram has taken such unanticipated steps to calm down people from focussing on likes they receive which they end up looking after simultaneously once they upload a picture. He opined that the move has been taken to turn Instagram a more ‘healthier platform’. This has actually thrown some light on the unspoken sides of the stories behind the likes we get on Instagram which the management has taken into concern and even stepped in to resolve it. 

Recent studies have put forth that people, in-particular adults of ages ranging from 18-25 are undergoing depression if they get a minimal number of likes for their posts. Psychologists have noted that depression can reach up to the point which can completely damage their self-esteem thereby making the person to completely stay isolated from the society. 

In a nutshell, the likes a person gets on Instagram could have a greater impact on his personal well-being. In common, likes are considered as a parameter to determine a persons’ social presence and how likable a person is. Thus to clamp down the mounting pressure to get more likes, Instagram has resorted to such a measure pointing that the move is to depressurize the platform for the younger users.  

Studies revealed that people who get fewer likes are refraining from making posts which results in the drastic downfall in their engagement with the visual platform. Brands now prefer to buy Instagram views services to increase business awareness and profile engagement among the competition. Instagram has taken this issue into its hand and has taken this huge leap to remove ‘likes’  to make the visual platform as the place for everyone.  

Thus, the news could have heaved a sigh of relief for the people who are stumbled in getting likes to their posts. Thus, eventually, this move by Instagram could be regarded as a holistic approach to turn Instagram into a more engaging platform like never before. 

Instagram has made this move to turn the platform into a comfortable place for everyone. This move by Instagram has garnered a wide reception among the users who abstain from posting in the visual platform in the fear of getting a minimum number of likes. Thus, this will eventually uphill the engagement of these people in the visual platform which in turn improves their time consumption on Instagram. Instagram has also noted that this alteration will pave the way for generating quality content by the users rather than concentrating on just ‘likes’ their posts have procured. Therefore, the recent modifications could bring changes in the way people have approached this visual platform to date. Social media service providers like Trollishly provide impressions from active followers which inturn gains more profile engagements. Thus, more quality content can be unloaded in the visual platform in the mere future which will transform this into a more healthier platform than ever before. Therefore, the platform which is engulfed by the pictures of the birthday bash, selfies, celebrations take-up a huge transformation to an informative platform as likes have no role to play anymore. 

‘Likes’ are the major driving force for people who keeps posting their day-to-day routines, trip photos, filter layered selfies, and groupies. Thus, the removal of likes can apparently bring changes in the way they approach the visual platform. 

At this time when Instagram is moving at a steady pace to take up the spot of Facebook, it is still unpredictable on the impacts the recent modifications will have on it. With psychologists claiming that mental health is not getting the attention it deserves, the empathetic approach from Instagram keeping in mind the mental health of its users is widely appreciable. Thus, rather than making money from this visual application, the authority has focussed on the emotional well-being of its every user thereby maintaining it as a holistic place.