TikTok-online marketing app in the domain, accounting for 60 million installs by brand advertisers and 89% of successful campaigns by organizations. The TikTok app appeals to the audience, including mostly Gen Z, and inspires them to view, share, and produce user-generated content (UGC) through video posts. Exploiting this highly involved platform, TikTok has tossed Hashtag Challenge Plus, an eCommerce based shoppable feature offering all-in-one prospects for Gen Z customers.

What Is A Hashtag Challenge, And How Do They Execute?

In general, challenges are engagement boosters of brands in TikTok, assisting their followers in creating and sharing posts. The audience can search using the brand name and hashtag challenges from the TikTok discovery page to outlook product and content from brands. The TikTok hashtag challenges bid followers to create videos similar to the hashtag concept and suggest users to share from the app’s profile. UGC is a crucial factor of every TikTok challenge, with followers posting certain activities or instructions to communities. Brands can gain more followers to buy TikTok likes and fans,  impressions.

Role Of UGC In Hashtag Contest

User-generated content (UGC) is produced by followers who prefer brands and advertise products on the TikTok social app. Collecting UGC from brand followers or audience is possible in a short period. Some campaigns and brands gathered higher User-generated Content (UGC) from their followers than the number of likes and shares they received for the product.

Authenticity and the existing follower base of the brand are the key factors to influence new and young dynamic customers to contest in the hashtag challenge of the product. The outcomes of hashtag challenges are followers try to participate in the challenge and increase brand impressions. Apart from benefits, they directly purchase products from the TikTok app. The impressions from the audience determine ROI (Return on Investment) of a brand.

However, TikTok isn’t fairly a platform for marketers and paid advertisers. Recently different Non-profit groups are promoting this social platform to create attentiveness and funds for foundations around the globe. The #MusicShapedMe campaign hosted followers to share clips of the optimistic impact moments. This campaign gathered around 15 million engagements within a month.

Preface To Hashtag Challenge “Plus”

TikTok’s hashtag Challenge “Plus” provides brands with further benefits to placing a shoppable button or link with hashtag challenges to TikTok followers (brand followers and viewers). This feature bids a unique tab as well as in-app practice. The brand advertiser’s products can be noticed straight from the TikTok app.

The Kroger (a grocery chain) excelled in the TikTok app to execute “challenge plus” by using the #transformUrDorm hashtag a few days back. The objective of the challenge is to target and inspire scholars and graduates to post videos of dorm room alterations.

When users ticked #transformUrDorm over the TikTok app, the followers were directed to in-app tab “Explore” containing Kroger products and through links to its online marketing channel.

By selecting the “shop now” button, followers were navigated to the Kroger website. Over the website, TikTok followers were capable of adding goods to their cart and registered purchase.

As a result, Kroger’s hashtag (i.e., sponsored hashtag challenge plus in TikTok), gained around 854 million views through thousands of clips from influencers and TikTok followers.

Assisting Businesses Influence Gen Z

Gen Z, the frequently engaged viewers (teens and quick professionals), are present in large numbers on TikTok, forming content and keenly sharing posts with other followers or communities. TikTok’s innovative Hashtag Challenge “Plus” marketing units offer businesses with chances to opt-in as a viral brand among followers of TikTok. It encourages creators and brand followers to post more User-Generated Content while producing seamless shopping openings for their users.

Placing a branded hashtag to form a TikTok challenge is the best strategy to advertise. Apart from the label, it makes it simple for TikTok followers to share their posts to become trending, It is easier for brand followers to find challenge-linked content far more comfortable to search inside the TikTok app — This study by marketers is a key benefit for brand awareness and presence in online media platforms.

TikTok challenges “Plus” is an upcoming strategy for businesses to extend a new followers base, to shape brand awareness, and make users create engaging content. Whether brands can choose to take-off a unique challenge or place a branded twist over the present trend, Brands should get involved and advertise to reach the products to users on the most popular TikTok social app.